About me

I like words that flow, writing that tells a story.

I am interested in the places, both physical and ideological, where people and nature intersect, where our biological reality meets our modern selves. Regardless of how clever our technology becomes, we remain intricately caught in natural rhythms and cycles. I’m interested in what that means for us as individuals, for humanity as a whole, and for the planet we call home.

A childhood fascination with nature led me to begin my adult life studying biology at Murdoch University. After completing a Bachelor of Science, I spent a few years working and travelling, thinking about my future direction. I decided that I wanted to be able to research and study across a wide range of disciplines, rather than specialising in a specific science. My love of writing guided me to return to Murdoch and complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism which enabled me to develop a career as a science writer. Over the past three decades I have been fortunate to work with leading researchers from many disciplines, mainly in environmental, agricultural and life sciences, bringing their stories and research to the broader public. My words appear on environmental interpretation panels in many national parks across Western Australia and I have worked ‘behind the scenes’ on many publications, but my by-line has also appeared in many magazines. I was a regular contributor to Farming Ahead, Outback, and Horses and People, among others.