Project Description

What’s for dinner

An exploration of the food on the table and the farming that puts it there and what it all means for people who grow food and those who eat it

When my kids ask what’s for dinner, the range of dishes may be different from those that I ate as a child, but not hugely so. It’s a selection that reflects our heritage, influenced by society, by my education and by my own thoughts about food. Humbly, I eat. But still I question. I question the food I choose to put on the table. I question the food system that makes that food available. I question the messages from the health authorities who say eat less fat and the diet books that shout out against carbs.

I question the rise of veganism and what it means for farming. I question what it means when we get told to ‘eat less meat’ because it would be better for the planet. I question what it means to have food traded internationally as a commodity, and what ‘food miles’ really mean for food and eating and the planet. I question the use of synthetic chemicals in growing food and whether we would be better off without them or not. I question and question and question. And is so doing, I go looking for deeper, more satisfying answers to the question of what’s for dinner.

I’m really excited to be working on this book and with the way it is coming together. It is enabling me to draw upon decades of researching and writing on environmental and agricultural topics, while seeking to make sense of much of the confusing modern discourse about food in our society.

“Jill Griffiths is one of the finest writers I know. Her work is intelligent and philosophical, as well as lyrical. It is infused with the precision that comes from her training as a science writer.”
Rashida Murphy, author, The Historian's Daughter, UWA Press
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jill since 2016. Her professionalism and exceptional skills at writing in different styles and bridging the gap between science and practice certainly helped my publication, Horses and People magazine, step up to a higher level.”
Cristina Wilkins, Editor, Horses and People magazine
"Jill Griffiths has written specialist science-based articles for our national monthly magazine Farming Ahead for the past five years. Bringing together the unique talents of a trained scientist with superb journalism skills, the work Jill does for us is first-class. Jill manages the hectic timelines of a monthly publication with a calm focus, delivering work without fuss, on time, and manages our clients and collaborators with respect and professionalism."
Ben White, Editor, Farming Ahead Magazine