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Wattle you do?

The wattle on the nature strip out the front of my house is suddenly in blossom. A few days ago, it held promise, light buds all over it. Now it is a swarm of yellow baubles. It’s a tall shrub and makes a good privacy screen, shielding my loungeroom from the direct gaze of passers by… read more »

Pumpkin Romance

There’s a self-sown pumpkin rambling across my backyard and this morning, as I sit to write, the bees are busily buzzing from flower to flower. I think they will find pollen, but nothing to pollinate. Of course, that doesn’t bother the bees. Their intent is the pollen; pollination is a service they are co-opted to provide. It costs them nothing. They do it as a side-effect of their pollen gathering … read more »

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